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Jackie's Galleries

Posted Date: Feb 2nd, 2011 13:25 | Hits: 749

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  • Jackie Popp
  • photographer prof
  • Level: Beginner (71)
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Quail along a side of the road some place in Texas.
Through the looking glass. Lavendar fields at Montazuma wildlife refuge in NY state. Nikon camera with lens attachments. The effect was a trick I learned.
Humming bird butterfly moth first time I saw one. Taken at Inks State Park Texas
Taken at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Arkasnsas
You have to pay for a photographer's fee of $50.00 to sell and use your photos from here and I did.
Blue bird taken in a field at a Oklahoma state park
Great White Egret Near Galveston Beach Tx
The Queen taken at Lady Bird Johnston's wildflower center Austin Tx
Landing perfect this was taken at a butterfly place I think Fredricksberge wildlflower seed farm Tx
American Eagle Taken at Audubon in Jamestown NY at the wildlife center
Cloudless yellow butterfly  now wait .......
This is from the previous photo done in watercolors.
all lined up taken around Virginia Beach some place
bell flower this is 1/4
Diana. Labled for The state Butterfly for Arkansas recently
Taken at Mt magazine at thier butterfly festival
This was awsome taken at Muskogee Reninsance Festival weekends in May in Oklahoma. Later I had the glove on and meat in my fingers called HAWK and it landed on my arm. I had goose bumps.

Album Memo

This is one of my best sellers Locally.
It was taken on a old digital olympius camera yrs ago.
This is what I do professional wildlife and nature photography.
More photos to come.


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Member's comment

Jackie Popp  Feb 3rd, 2011
Rollins: WOW! That selective focus goes perfect with the butterfly Jackie.
Thank you this was out in the middle of the woods in a field of the yellow tick seed flowers taken on a old olympus camera one of the first ones that came out.
Alot of people have bought this. And it went to lots of silent auctions too

Rollins  Feb 2nd, 2011
WOW! That selective focus goes perfect with the butterfly Jackie.

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