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Snowy Day

Posted Date: Jan 27th, 2011 21:45 | Hits: 694

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Today was our first real snow storm for this winter season, so far. We took the grandkids out and had a ton of fun!

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Member's comment

Philippe Moisan  Feb 20th, 2011
Hi Selya,

I took the picture where we see the road, I love it, it was perfect for a special report I'm writing called APSense Premium where I talk about why the Premium membership is the way to go at APSense.

Let me know if it's ok. I will give you the link to the final resulting eCover.


Cheryl  Jan 30th, 2011
I had to come back and look at your cold pictures. Walked my dogs at 7:30 this morning in shorts and a wife beater. Loving the warm weather!

Rollins  Jan 28th, 2011
LOL, Looks like this dandruff wants to stay awhile, 2 days so far.

Cheryl  Jan 28th, 2011
I'm so glad that God's Dandruff stays up north!

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