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Site Spam Policy/Etiquette

Posted Date: Jan 13th, 2011 21:55 | Hits: 553

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Site Spam Policy

1. There will be no marketing allowed on the site. Marketing posts will immediately be removed.

2. No links to marketing sites will be allowed in comments or leave word.

3. Links placed in the micro blog (Tell us What You are Doing) will immediately be removed.



1. The rule is respect-no personal attacks allowed

2. Do not post anything intended to offend other members.

3. Absolutely no trolling!

4. If a member sees spam/breach of etiquette please report it using the report spam link. 

Breach of the spam/Etiquette site policy will result in:

1. First offense-Your account will be limited for 7 days to read only.  You will be notified by private message that your account has been suspended and the reason for the suspension.  You may still visit the site and read content but will not be allowed to add any content.

2. Second offense-Your account will be limited for 30 days with the same conditions and you will receive a final warning.

3. Third Offense- Your account will be terminated.

All Reports of Spam/Breach of etiquette will be independently reviewed and verified before any action is taken.

The rules are in place to keep this site clean of spam and welcoming to all.  Please understand that this policy is posted so that it is clearly spelled out for the odd person who may come here intending to spam the site or troll to create drama and flame wars.  By making it clear from the beginning this should not be a problem.


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