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Create An Event

Posted Date: Jan 13th, 2011 21:49 | Hits: 511

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Create event is used to announce upcoming events to other members.


You can use it for online or off line events or any upcoming event.  For example if you find out that cable is running a series on photography, you can announce it here to other members.  Other members can also join your events.  To create an event:


1. Click the create event link

 2. Create a start time.  The start time will determine when your event can be joined.

 3. Create an end date this is when your event is over.

 4. Create a deadline to join date. once the deadline arrives, no one else can join your event.

 5. If your event is offline make sure that you choose the country or choose others if it is not specific to a certain country.

 6. You can choose how many people you wish to join your event if there is no limit just leave it blank.

 7.  Add your Location.  (website url physical address, TV channel etc)

This will create an event.  You will see your event with a button that says "Join Party".  The last thing you must do is join your party.  Notice the tabs

 Event info-This will show all the details on your event such as location, How many members have joined date etc.

 Joined Members-This gives you the list of confirmed joined members.

 Pending-When someone joins their status will be pending until you confirm them-Don't forget to confirm yourself to join your own event!

 Declined-this will show the members that you have declined or have decided to cancel.



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