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ApSense Passport Features

Posted Date: Jan 13th, 2011 21:28 | Hits: 572

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When you join Shutterbugs you receive an APSense Passport. 


The Passport gives you access to other APSense features and add-ons including the APSense main site, which is mainly for marketing and business promotion.  But there are other add-ons that everyone can use and enjoy:


 APSENSE.ME is a twitter-like application where you can post quick notes just like on Twitter.





Got questions, you can ask them here and get answers from other APSense members or just answer questions to share your knowledge.





Free e-card service offering cards for every occasion or you can use your own photos to create your own custom cards.





Create and publish your own eZine based on your interests.  Browse eZines and subscribe to eZines that interest you. 



Feel Free to check out the other features and take advantage of them if you like.  When you click the link just choose the login with your APSense passport option.  There's no need to create a new account they are linked to your passport.


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