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  • Philippe Moisan
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About Me: I'm a full-time internet marketer. I worked for 20 years being an integration specialist for the hospitals in the Quebec province.

I'm married, we have 8-year-old twin boys.

The basics to love life : see here

I love reading, especially science-fiction and fantasy novels. I own more than 10,000 superhero comics, Marvel and DC mostly, some others as well.

I'm a big fan of action movies. I must have seen the best Arnold "5 times Mister Universe" movies dozens of times, same for the Rambo series, Die Hard, Star Wars, Lethal Weapon, and many others.

I'm 46, love rock, classical, country music, even popular music like Madonna. I used to love heavy metal.

I'm Catholic. Very opened to other denominations.
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Happy Independence Day!
Jul 4th
Jul 4th
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Snowy Day
Feb 20th
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Snowy Day
Feb 20th

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